The Non-Profit Edison Wetlands Association’s (EWA) Recycling Ranger is a time-tested, strategically innovative, and creative program that allows kids and parents to build upon their real world knowledge of environmental issues, utilizing the EWA’s experience to find common sense solutions together.

Decades of working with different age groups, students, and the general public have allowed our programs to be genuinely unique and easy to grasp.  Experiencing environmental education outdoors enables children and parents to experience a living classroom, leaving them with long-term positive impressions of the outdoors and the environment.  The Recycling Ranger programs also give students a sense of ownership and connectedness to the natural world!

Students, children, and parents can play the C.L.E.A.R. game on its own or work towards becoming a Recycling Ranger by completing the simple and fun program as well as join us at our next event to receive a Recycling Ranger Award!