Triple C Ranch


Triple C Ranch & Nature Center is the only of its kind in central New Jersey. Home to a growing family of chickens, goats, ducks, a pony, ram and pot belly pig, all of the animals who call Triple C Ranch home have been rescued from unsafe living conditions and given the opportunity they deserve to live long, healthy lives at the ranch.

Ever since Triple C Ranch was purchased in 2001, Director Robert Spiegel and his dedicated team of experts and volunteers work everyday to care for all of the animals on the ranch. With their own back-stories and personalities, every animal at Triple C Ranch looks forward to visits from members and new friends, like you.

And even if you can’t make it out to Triple C Ranch to meet our adorable residents, we have the opportunity for you to meet Edison, Shorty, Cowie and the gang right here at

Tour 1Beyond the animals that live on the ranch, Triple C Ranch is also a network of trails that provide a variation of recreational opportunity, ranging from fishing, wildlife photography and bird watching in the surrounding 1,250-acre Dismal Swamp Conservation Area.

Open every weekend from April through October, Triple C Ranch hosts a number of public events throughout the season and also serves as the perfect place for your next party of company outing. To learn more about how to schedule an event with Triple C Ranch, contact us today!